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From Dream, to Print, to International, in 3-5 days


Having gone down the road of trying to get something published that mainstream publishers simply will not touch (As well as not being able to afford to PAY THEM either) I turned to the self-publishing industry. Without hesitation, I’ll tell you right now, you don’t want to go down this road if you can help it.
There are literally thousands of these companies, and most of them are out to either cheat you out of the rights to your work, or your profits, and many of these companies thrive off doing both.


Author’s Rights:


Quite simply put, whoever owns the rights to your work, owns the ability to profit from your work, and also to prevent you from doing so. As dirty, unfair, or unbelievable as it may sound, many of these companies exist simply to ensure that your work never achieves profitability, and will never show up on bookstore shelves.
The publishing industry is fraught with criminals, liars, and thieves. After having spent 10 years investigating and even being taken by several self-publishers, I finally got fed up with having my own dreams crushed.
In today’s market, you not only have the option of seeing your work in print, you also have the added benefit of having your work available on electronic media. In addition to simply having your work on Websites where anyone with internet access can access it, you can also produce your work as a downloadable file through many mediums, and there is also a tremendous market through devices known as E-Readers: Kindle, Nook, I-Pad, and a whole host of others.
This is yet another arm of the publishing industry that is out to cheat you, and steal your rights, and profits. In order for your work to be available on these electronic reading devices, it must be formatted to accommodate them. This requires taking your original electronic file, and stripping it of all preset formatting, and starting over.
Your biggest headache in this process is that most of these e-readers require a different formatting; so you find yourself having to repeat this process many times.
As you progress through this process, you soon discover that it is yet one more “WALL” the industry has set up, to slow your progress, or cause you to throw up your hands in desperation and give up, or pay someone else to reproduce your work in all these different formats; and this can get very expensive.
Another key area that you need to maintain control over is in the actual printing/production of your books. There are an untold number of fly-by-night companies that can provide this service; and you guessed it, many of these companies are simply out to cheat you as well, and to steal as much money from you as possible.


I contracted one of these outfits, had them produce and distribute 100 copies, and I received emails and letters from 12 people who complained of blank pages in the books. By the time I replaced these books, or refunded their purchase amounts, I was in the negative on the profit line.


The price that you pay for printed copies of your work greatly controls your profit margin. Many printing outfits will literally rob you blind, on a per copy basis, until you’re ordering large amounts of books, in order to benefit from bulk pricing.




The price your works sell for is another item that should always remain within your control, to the extent the printing and marketing/sales services you employ allow for such. (This is another area where we come in to get you the lowest price we've found yet)




This is yet one more area where you can quickly find yourself frustrated, and in the negative as far as financing. From firsthand experience, I can tell you that nobody will ever market your book as good as you can. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend endless hours making phone calls, sending mass emails, or driving/flying around the world, trying to ensure that your book has tremendous success.


Having worked in sales for a number of years, I can personally tell you the absolute best form of advertising that can solidify your success, and doesn’t have to cost you a dime, is called “word of mouth advertising” and this is a double-edged sword as well. A general rule in sales is that every satisfied customer will tell 1 person, but a dissatisfied customer will tell 10.


Through the use of the internet, and the tools and methods we’ve learned and can pass on to you, your success will be greatly enhanced; but if you want your book to succeed, you’re going to have to promote it.

Our service requires that you forward us your manuscript in MS Word, or similar program, and once we have it converted to the necessary formatting, your book will be in print and available for purchase in as little as 3-5 days. 

Black & White images inclusive at no cost, but color images will require a premium fee depending on number of color images included. 

Before your book is even available in print, it will already be available for download on the Kindle E-Reader.

The printing company we use has the lowest cost (per book) we have been able to find yet! (Still true 04/09/2020)

 ***** Cautionary Disclaimer *****

Due to our own experiences; as well as countless others, we actually advise against releasing your work to any company/website/service where you are not in 100% control of distribution. When it comes to releasing your distribution rights (print work or e-book) these entities can literally sell (especially e-books) hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of copies, and send you royalty statements that reflect much lesser amounts.

There is no way around this (that we're aware of) when you do not retain distribution rights.

Package options:

Option A includes complete setup for your book from (Finished) file to print. 

     You order (at wholesale pricing) print copies to sell. 

We'll also design a simple web-site/page for your controlled book sales, and show you how to manage and maintain your book's website. 

Your website will offer your book in print-sales and/or digital download. 

Addition to Amazon and Kindle related sales channels is an additional fee of $50 for either package we offer.

Option B offers you everything included in Option A, but also include your book for sale on Amazon, Kindle, and Amazon's extended channel selection. 


***** Your E-book sales pay you 100% profit *****     

With Option B, from the time your work is available on Amazon's Kindle, approximately 3-4 weeks after this, your work will also be available on Apple’s I-Pad, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Sony E-Reader, and (currently) 6 other E-Reader devices, and will be added automatically to other devices as arrangements are made with additional providers; all at no further expense to you. In addition to being available on these E-Reader devices, your e-book will also appear on all relevant websites for these devices as well.

Both options include a starter website, 

which is transferred to you. 


     Once we have secured these services for you, and your works have been submitted, approved, and authorized for distribution, we will forward you all necessary website and contact information so that you can continue working with these services on your current, and any future projects as well.

Editing Services available:

Professional Editing (if requested) is extra - Please see our Editing Services page for details

Editing should be finished before submitting your work to us for publishing!

Publishing Prices:

Option A is $299.00 (Payable by postal money order ONLY) 

Please Email for address details!

Save $50.00 ($249.00 Total) by paying through our PayPal account, or most major Credit/Debit cards; does not require you to have a PayPal account.


Option B is $399.00 (Payable by postal money order ONLY) 

Please Email for address details!

Save $50.00 ($349.00 Total) by paying through our PayPal account, or most major Credit/Debit cards; does not require you to have a PayPal account


Remember: These prices are limited to books under 275 pages

contact for books over this page limit.
25 cents per page over this number (exceptions apply)

Don't forget about our 10% Referral Bonus; you earn 10% for any referrals you make, that publish through us.

My name is Jerry William Bowers Jr. and any standard internet search of that name will clearly show I am legitimate, and have no interest in defrauding anyone. I have entirely too much at stake to lose by being dishonorable. 

That’s it; pretty simple and straightforward, isn’t it?


Make sure you shop around, but don’t be fooled like I was. Many of these outfits have very nice websites, offer a lot of different services; which are mostly all designed to pull you in further, and extract more profits or even up-front cash from you.
Please note: We make no claims that this price or service are the best deal you can find, but we have no doubt that for the service and professionalism you will receive, you will not be able to beat our value!
Upon receipt of your payment, we will advise you of our submission guidelines for publication. MS Word is preferred!

Produce additional books, using the same contacts we use!

- In closing -
- Protect your Manuscript -
- Protect your Rights (Normal and Electronic) -
- Control Printing, Pricing and Profit Margins - 


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